Thank You, Ladies P…/Grazie, Signore P… (1972)

On holiday on the island of Pantelleria, just off the Sicilian coast, Anna and Eva, two young women from Milan with a thing for reeling men in and then dumping them, decide to add Marco, a local youth, to their collection. The son of a widow – his father died a week after the wedding – the young man seems indifferent to their charm or their advances which Eva carries out with calculated malice. Eventually, the two women discover the reason behind Marco’s apparent misogyny: his mother, traumatised at becoming a widow, has taken to sleeping around with the locals on the island…

During a reenactment of an ancient Etruscan ritual in a cave on the island, Anna and Eva, with the aid of an aphrodisiac (LSD?), manage to free Marco of his fears. Running through the cave tunnels Marco accidentally bumps into his mother and he falls to the ground hitting his head against a rock. The sight of her son’s momentarily lifeless body stirs something deep inside of her and she decides to change her ways.

All that remains is for Marco to thank Anna and Eva.


Official Censor Certificate (ItaliaTaglia)

The Italian censorship board required six cuts (or shortening) of scenes, mostly to remove the sight of pubic hair and bare breasts. Given the amount of nudity in the Shendene VHS, it may well be sourced from an uncensored print because you do see a fair amount of both…


Coming Soon

CinemaItalianoDatabase (review)


(Italian language only) VHS available in newsstands across Italy

Shendene (Sex & Violence series)

English (fan) Subs

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